Western State Summits

Information collected by Randy, W7HR

The following pages contain summit information for 9 western states.  Information includes the Name, County, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Maidenhead Grid Square, and USGS Quad Map where the summit can be found.  The summit name is linked to Google maps and the summit will be located at the center of the Google map image.


  1. Washington Summits (Name),     Washington Summits (County),     Washington Summits (Grid)
  2. Oregon Summits (Name),    Oregon Summits (County),     Oregon Summits (Grid)
  3. California Summits (Name),     California Summits (County),     California Summits (Grid)
  4. Idaho Summits (Name),     Idaho Summits (County),     Idaho Summits (Grid)
  5. Montana Summits (Name),    Montana Summits (County),     Montana Summits (Grid)
  6. Utah Summits (Name),     Utah Summits (County),     Utah Summits (Grid)
  7. Wyoming Summits (Name),     Wyoming Summits (County),     Wyoming Summits (Grid)
  8. Nevada Summits (Name),     Nevada Summits (County),     Nevada Summits (Grid)
  9. Arizona Summits (Name),     Arizona Summits (County),     Arizona Summits (Grid)